Subject Title: Rejection 105

I could not help my self but to cry. I was rejected again for the nth time.

I was given a precise answer to my implicit statement. Her answer is “NO! :-)”
I have destroyed her trust, it seems that she have always believed that I’m just an older brother and will never be her lover.

By that small and meaningful answer, it clearly states how much trust was given to me. But what can I do? I chose to fell inlove to girl who is 6 years younger than me, its been a while since the last time I confirmed that I am inloved with this girl.

I can now feel the impending awkwardness whenever we see each other, but I really want to win her back and be friends with her again. Woah! When and where will I ever see a girl with Beauty, Intelligence and a very grounded Christian principles? Surely I can tell she is very admirable.

Well at least I was able to express my feelings and be true to her. For the next two months until she travels, I hope and pray that our friendship will be restored.

Maybe God has another one instored for me.

The best thing I can do for now is to Pray and wait.


Its been a while since the last time I’ve made a written blog.

2013 was a year of inner struggle… it was a year that I cried a lot because of frustrations but eventually jumped for joy because it turned into a positive result. Thanks to the power of prayer and fasting! I was bullied in our workplace… dominant people teases me because of my ways and faith, nevertheless I’m fine.

On the other hand, the previous year was so unique because I’ve made a lot of new friends especially in church. New friends to treasure! Another feat is that I now have a ministry, I teach children every sunday about Christ and other Bible Heroes.

This year I don’t know what God has instored for me… its just a matter of leap of faith.

I might grab the opportunity of working on KSA or wait until I’ll be able to work on Switzerland.

One thing I know for sure is that God has something new for me that I’ll always be excited about.

it may be scholarships, career abroad or much better…. Love life!

I am just an Old Hag

I hope nobody reads this… they might know whom I’m refering to.

It has been 7months of secretly having a crush on a girl. Yes! She’s a girl relative to my age… I’m about 6 years older than her. Ew! Corrupting minors.
But what can I do? This is chubahuchu!

And I can’t even tell how much I admire her. And yeah, she is the girl than I usually have a crush on. My closest friends can testify to this. I really love to get infatuated to “The Cute Conservative Church Girl” type. There’s more;She’s beautiful, smart and most of all… she is sincere.


She calls me kuya. How sad.

As for now she’s busy being a student. And that’s one of the reason why I studied masters on the same university.

I don’t know what to do. I just need to live this work to God.


Peace is never achievable through human effort. Have faith on Jesus because He is the Prince of Peace.


When Fear is not an Option

More than 72hours of struggle, anxiety and anger.

It’s as if we’re on a nightmare. I remember when I was driving home hours ago, I can see the fear in the eyes of the bystanders. You just can’t paint the worries in their faces. It feels so awful.

But what can we do? We are caught on a situation, which the consequences are now felt. It was all because of that awful vision of Prof. Misuari and that it even attracted international attention 40 years ago. Then in 1976 the Philippine Goverment signed together with an agreement with the MNLF to give a faction of its land (Southern Philippines)to the bangsamoros in which Zamboanga, Palawan and Davao is also included. Since then series of battles happened because of the improper implementation of the pact. But hey! Is it not Pres Cory made ARMM and included it inthe Philippine Constitution? Are the areas of ARMM not that sufficient for the cries of equality? I think it is already enough. If you ask a popular opinion to the public most of the people of Mindanao would not want to be included in the Bangsamoro Entity.

It seems that all these efforts of these rebels are just to create terror.
How sad it is to see people suffering in evacuation centers, much more seeing kids and babies getting hungry. And critical patients going hime just to save their lives.

On the other hand even if there is danger. Still the people of Zamboanga stands as one as they fight this demise. Which has definitely defeated the enemy since day 1.

I must say that true love for others drives out fear!

The Kids on the block are the Kids for God


 “Sing to the Lord and Praise His name, tell of His salvation day after day”.  How amazing and stunning it is to see kids raising their hands and singing praises to our living God.

A new program organized by CE Department called “Kids in Divine Service” started last April 7, 2013 at Mezzanine Floor, ZCAEC. Children from ages 4-12 years old participated. Scheduled every Sunday at 8:00AM and 3:00PM, it’s held simultaneously with the adult’s module classes.

Headed by Pastor Elena Caperig, the Kids Church was also facilitated by 4 Student-Pastors: Arnold Santiago, John Ray Perez, Hope Humpa, and Sarah Formento.

Its purpose is to give children the opportunity to Worship God and to fellowship with each other in a more subtle and in a childly way. Aside from the conventional Sunday School whereas every kid can learn about songs, parables and passages in the Bible, this event paves way for a newer means of teaching kids about the word. Its program does not only have praise and worship, offertory and sharing of the word but it also has games that can strengthen children’s camaraderie and friendship.   

But what is more exciting with the new program is that it encourages participation because it offers kids with specific ministries such as: Kids Choir, Performance arts Team and a Band with Lead and back-up singers. Isn’t it adorable to see Kids in choir or dancing for our Lord’s glory? How much more if they’ll be the ones leading the worship services? 

Truly, the Kids Church will harvest the fruits of its labor in the near future. All we need are your prayers and support.


 This is my article in the Newsletter of our Church. Not really that catchy.. I don’t even know how to write News-Feature… Well! At least I tried.

My new found friends, the young professional org in our church. We call ourselves GRACE… Growing Adults in Christian Experience

My new found friends, the young professional org in our church. We call ourselves GRACE… Growing Adults in Christian Experience

Living for God’s Glory

What on earth are we here for?

To eat? To sleep? Maybe to be successful? Which definitely relative. To travel the world? Or should I say, to be rich and influential? Ahaha! I bet everybody has this on mind… To have PLEASURE!

Well! There is more to life than all these things.

I remember this joke from twitter that says: “We were born, studied for 16 years and work until we die. Oh! Life!”. Funny as it may seem, but that is how people see life is. How sad it is to know that even the smartest and the most brilliant people on earth has difficulty on answering their purpose in life.

Two months ago, I was experiencing a spiritual turmoil, of my life and was able to outlast it through reading God’s word, prayer and of course faith.

Because of my frustrations and sadness, I decided to read a famous book that all mature Christians read… The Purpose Driven Life. And to my shock, the first statement in Chapter 1 says:”IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU!”. Woah! That’s harsh! For almost 9 years of being a Christian, this is the first passage that hurts and struck me the most. Not from the letters of the Apostles, not from the 4 Gospels and not from the Law… I may have been a Christian and may have understand the basic concept of salvation (My next blog will be about Free Salvation vs Purchase Salvation) but still never did I know the real purpose of my life.

After 40 days of spiritual journey with that book, I can surely tell that I know my life’s purpose and its just a matter of decision to act on it. Oh how wonderful God is, giving us freedom to decide and not making us mere robots.

Our purposes in life are:

  • To worship Him in spirit and in truth
  • To have fellowship with those of the same faith
  • To become a disciple and understand His teachings
  • To have a ministry, to use our talents and skills for His Kingdom
  • To do missions, to share to the world the good news in Christ Jesus

And now its all up to me to act on it, I have decided to participate and be active on our church’s activities. To have a group accountable to my actions and to use my talents for a specific ministry. Most of all, to do evangelism in which I still have some doubts and fears because of unworthiness.

I want to serve God the way that I can and to the best that I can.

But what about my ambition to be a Ph.D.? What about of becoming rich and influential? What about my aspiration to become a politician?Meeting these opposite ends, my ambition and my purpose, is way too impossible. But I have God that moves. I know this will happen as long as I pray and have faith in Him. Now…  I want to become rich, not to enjoy money but to fund Christian activities, missions, Bible Schools etc. I want to become a Nurse Ph.D. to influence people in health-care industry that spiritual healing is also important. I want to become a politician not for fame but to inculcate Christian values in politics so that integrity is now attainable.

Life is all about choices and I opt to live for His glory.

Now this is what we call fact. Funny picture from facebook. :-))

Now this is what we call fact. Funny picture from facebook. :-))

God has no Phone, but I talk to Him. He has no Facebook, but He is my friend. He does not have a Tumblr, but I follow Him.

Annual February Night Out with College Classmates.

Annual February Night Out with College Classmates.

With College Friends. The reason why I’m overweight. :-))